Slippery Elm

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Maintain a healthy digestive track, sooth and ease pain caused by gastric ulcers.  Heal chronic digestive issues. Colic prevention. Restores bacterial balance in gut. Relieves upper respiratory infections. High in soluble fiber and calcium
Highly recommend feeding Slippery Elm Bark powder in conjunction with Aloe Vera powder for the treatment of ulcers

15g per day / 500kg horse

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1 review for Slippery Elm

  1. Megan Glasby

    All I can say is WOW. I’ve battled for years with maintaining my thoroughbred mares weight and muscle. I found she was always just a little ribby and never gained muscle easily. I was recommended to put her on something for her digestive track, as she did have a bad start to life and that perhaps the lining of her digestive tract was inflamed.

    Within a month she’s the chunkiest she’s ever been since owning her. She’s also the happiest she’s ever been. I’m so grateful for what this supplement has done for her and excited to see how she’ll look in the next couple of months.

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